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Dental Implants – Doylestown, PA

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If you’re tired of dealing with missing teeth and unreliable replacements, then dental implants may be exactly what you need. This state-of-the-art treatment replaces an entire tooth from top to bottom, creating a prosthetic that is practically indistinguishable from the real thing. Whether you are missing a single tooth, all of them, or a number in between, Dr. Rakowsky can use implants to bring your smile back to life and restore your oral health for decades to come. The path toward new teeth is easy when you partner with our dental office, and you can get started simply by contacting us today to discuss replacing missing teeth with dental implants in Doylestown, PA.

Why Choose Terry Rakowsky DMD for Dental Implants?

  • Beautiful Restorations Custom-Made for Each Patient
  • Dentist with Over 30+ Years of Experience Serving Doylestown
  • Partnered with Specialist to Deliver the Best Possible Care

What is a Dental Implant?

Animated parts of dental implant replacement tooth

A dental implant is a very short and thin titanium post that is placed directly into the jawbone in the space left by an absent tooth. There, through a natural process called osseointegration, it bonds with the surrounding bone, essentially becoming a new tooth root. This can then be used to support a patient’s dental restoration, including a crown, bridge, or denture.

The 4-Step Dental Implant Process

dentist showing a patient how dental implants work in Doylestown

Unlike regular dental bridges or dentures, rebuilding your teeth from the roots up is quite complex. This means that the dental implant process requires multiple appointments that can span several months to a year or longer. In the end, though, you’ll have a beautiful, natural-feeling smile that could potentially last for a lifetime!

During your consultation with Dr. Rakowsky, he’ll go over what you can expect throughout your treatment and answer any questions you may have about how dental implants work in Doylestown. Each patient’s journey is different, but for now, here is a basic outline of the four-step dental implant process.

Initial Dental Implant Consultation

senior couple at a dental implant consultation

First, you’ll meet with Dr. Rakowsky to discuss the basics of dental implant treatment. He’ll review the specific goals you have for your smile and address any concerns. Then, he’ll go over your medical history and meticulously examine your mouth and jaw to determine whether you’re eligible for dental implants.

There’s a chance he may recommend preparatory procedures before you can schedule your dental implant surgery. Issues like gum disease and inadequate jawbone density can lead to dental implant failure, so you may need to undergo periodontal therapy or bone grafting beforehand.

Dental Implant Surgery

dentist performing dental implant surgery

Once Dr. Rakowsky has confirmed that you’re ready, he’ll refer you to a local oral surgeon who has specialized in the placement of dental implants in Doylestown. Partnering with experts for this procedure leads to the most comfortable experience, more predictable results, and greater peace of mind overall.

The procedure begins with the oral surgeon numbing your mouth and administering sedation to ensure your comfort. Next, they’ll make tiny incisions at precise locations in your gums, through which they can insert the implant posts into your jawbone. The posts are topped with a cap to protect them throughout the healing process. Lastly, the surgeon sutures your gums closed, and you’re sent home to recover.

Dental Implant Osseointegration & Abutment

illustration of a dental implant fusing to the jawbone

Next comes osseointegration, the process of the biocompatible implant posts encouraging your jawbone to grow around them. While osseointegration is the reason why dental implants are so successful, it can take four to six months to complete.

When your implants are fully fused to your jaw, you’ll most likely undergo a smaller oral surgery. This time, small metal fixtures called abutments are installed on top of the implant posts to hold your replacement teeth in place. It typically takes about two weeks to recover from abutment surgery.

Delivery of Dental Implant Restoration(s)

senior man beaming at his reflection after getting dental implants in Doylestown

At long last, it’s time to receive your brand-new teeth! Once your custom dental crown, bridge, or denture arrives from the dental lab, you’ll return to our office to have Dr. Rakowsky place it onto your abutments. Your implant dentist in Doylestown will make sure your bite looks and feels good before sending you out into the world to enjoy your complete smile!

Benefits of Dental Implants

3 D animated smile with dental implant supported replacement tooth

The reason Dr. Rakowsky recommends dental implants to all of his patients with missing teeth is because they offer advantages that you just can’t get with other treatments, including:

  • Unlike traditional bridges and dentures, implants get their stability from your jawbone just like your natural teeth, so they can be trusted to remain secure and never slide out of place during speaking and eating.
  • The roots of dental implants are completely hidden below the gum line, and just the porcelain restoration on top can be seen. This is why dental implants are the most lifelike dental prosthetic available today.
  • Bone loss in the jaw is common after tooth loss, but dental implants can stop and reverse this process, helping a patient maintain a more youthful facial appearance.
  • Dental implants have an impressive 30+ year lifespan, and they only require normal brushing and flossing to keep looking and functioning like new.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Woman eating a green apple

To be a good candidate for dental implants, you need to meet just two requirements: you must have decent oral health, and your jawbone must be strong enough to support the new roots. Once these have been confirmed with an exam, Dr. Rakowsky can help a patient determine which type of implant procedure would be right for them depending on how many teeth they are missing.

Smile with dental implant post visible

Missing Single Tooth

Bringing back a single tooth with a dental implant is relatively simple. A titanium root is placed between two healthy teeth, and this is topped with a porcelain crown. Unlike with a bridge, this approach doesn’t require the nearby teeth to be reshaped to make room for the prosthetic.

Model smile with dental implants in place for replacement teeth

Missing Multiple Teeth

You don’t have to get an individual implant for each missing tooth. Instead, just one or two can be used to secure a bridge or partial denture to the jawbone that restores several teeth at once. These prosthetics are much more secure and long-lasting compared to their removable counterparts.

Model dental impant supported denture

Missing All Teeth

Even total tooth loss can be completely reversed with dental implants. Four to six posts can be placed along the jawbone that serve as the foundation for a full denture. Implant dentures are smaller and more comfortable compared to regular ones, but they also allow a patient to recover much more bite strength.

Learn More About Implant Dentures

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Dental team member crafting dental restoration

One of the best parts about dental implants is their longevity. They’re able to last multiple times longer compared to traditional bridges and dentures while providing higher quality results, making them one of the best investments in all of dentistry. The cost of your implant procedure will be based on a few factors, including how many posts are needed, where they are located within the mouth, and what kind of restoration is used. We’ll go over all pricing information at your consultation so you’ll know exactly what to expect, and we can also help you sign up for financing to make the treatment easily affordable.

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